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The most surprising result from this study was that more academic research actually leads to higher student salaries, a finding that directly counters Bennis & O'Toole's opinion that students, more than any other constituency, are most shortchanged by business schools' focus on academic research," said Golder.
Heading the list of problems that the panel found threatening the quality of academic research are: obsolete research equipment, aging facilities, a shortage of faculty in many critical fields, burdensome accounting procedures that may today consume a third of a principal researcher's time, research-contract administration that discourages innovation, and declining university enrollments in science, math and engineering.
Ensuring that adequate funding is available for academic research projects is not the exclusive domain or responsibility of governmental and academic institutions.
Accellion has extensive knowledge on meeting the secure file transfer needs of medical/healthcare and academic research institutions with the Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance solution.
The Better World Project shows how technology transfer -- the process of licensing and commercializing academic research -- improves people's lives, contributes to the economy and supports tomorrow's discoveries," says Fraser, who also is director of the Office of IP Development and Commercialization in Florida State University's Office of Research.
NEW YORK, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- iName, a leading provider of email technology and solutions, and Homework Central, the largest academic research site on the Internet, launched Homework Central Mail, a web-based email service for students, teachers, and administrators worldwide.
Quantum Genomics Corp develops strategic alliances with academic research teams, whose scientific expertise allows them to identify promising new drug candidates," said Balavoine.
We were the first academic research center to receive the company's previous-generation Y-MP8 system.
Company Provides Up to 10x Speed-Up for High Performance Computing Applications in Energy Exploration, Financial Services, Defense and Academic Research Markets
The center will be the first academic research center to receive the CRAY Y-MP C90 system.
academic research concept studies that allow academic researchers and industry to develop technology ideas with genuine commercial potential,
YauponeIUs business strategy targets opportunities to license innovative technologies from academic research centers while leveraging funding available through the NIH competitive grant system.

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