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academic research in 2014--which is more than the whole country totals for all but the top four non-U.
Observing that universities' comparative advantage lies in advancing and disseminating fundamental knowledge, he cautions that, "over the long run, if they stray too far from this mission and start behaving like profit-maximizing firms, political will for extensive financial support of academic research will surely diminish.
Armed with these insights and bolstered by research in the field of information literacy, we decided to provide students with a thorough introduction to academic research through a more sustained and meaningful learning experience.
Funding for academic research from all sources grew quite satisfactorily in the 1980s, at about 5.
This practice severely undermines the academic research efforts of undergraduates.
The awards ate open to individual postdoctoral fellows and NIEHS Intramural Research Training Award fellows with fewer than six years of postdoctoral experience who propose to pursue academic research careers in the environmental health sciences.
Liu's first article looks at the economic behavior of academic research libraries and how they maximize their utilities given budget constraints.
United Devices has a strong history of success in accelerating academic research through our market-leading grid solutions," said United Devices Director of Business Development and Strategic Relations, Piush Patel.
This publication reports on the changes in federal and non-federal support for academic research and development (R&D) over the past three decades.
Provides a platform for the academic research of popular gay topics in media
Digitalbackpack contains gear for school and life, including academic research, communication and entertainment.
academic research institutions from the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Va.

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