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This is absolutely normal, and simply means that the Editor and Academic Review Team, who share a responsibility for maintaining standards, read your article and suggested some tweaks.
"The academic review of the impact on economic growth in the UK is a cause for concern" said Terry Scuoler, CEO of EEF, the UK manufacturers' organisation.
The graduate students who constitute The Orchestra Now are chosen by competitive audition and academic review from the finest conservatory graduates in the United States and abroad.
Although there is not yet an Inter-service Training and Review Organization Agreement between the Army and Navy to provide Soldiers to instruct or administratively support the course, Delta Company, 344th MI Battalion does provide one Chief Instructor and one administrative advisor to provide oversight of the course, assist with administrative responsibilities, and help in the academic review board process.
(21) Depending upon the magnitude of the offense, institutional response may include working closely with the student to address and correct the problem, allowing the student to voluntarily withdraw from the degree program, or empaneling an Academic Review Board (ARB) to conduct a formal plagiarism inquiry.
This is the process of science and academic review.
On the academic side of our Institute, our Certificate in Management and Administration Studies program will be undergoing a full academic review to ensure that the curriculum reflects the needs of industry and our learners.
''The Army War College initiated its own analysis of the paper and determined this morning that there was reasonable cause to refer the case to the US Army War College Academic Review Board,'' the statement said.
A number of years ago, in agreement with the New York State (NYS) Department of Correctional Services, CAYSA requested and financially supported a comprehensive academic review and evaluation of New York's Basic Course for State Level Correctional Officers employed in state-operated correctional facilities/ prisons.
Ben Sidran's self-published book Them Was a Fire (his publisher, Nardis, is Sidran backwards) presents the dilemma of subjecting an arlist--c /n/i--sehulai to academic review. Sid ran has extensive experience in the American populat music business, having produced and refolded numerous albums, worked in several musical genres, obtained .1 PhD in 1970.
I was previously the Chair of the Academic Review Board but assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief July 1st, 2013.

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