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In other words, organizational knowledge management of academic staff members of Kerman Province universities was the same for different ages, genders, and educational branches.
It is a big vote of confidence in the university, which Rector Constantinos Christofides hopes will grow by 2020 to have 10,000 students, 2,000 researchers and 600 academic staff.
When you visit the academic department, there'll be an opportunity to ask questions or to chat informally with academic staff.
Addressing participants of the protesting camp, the Academic Staff Association president Prof.
The current contract for academic staff was agreed in 1992, arising out of a bitter national pay dispute in the then polytechnic sector.
Thus, the study is an attempt to evaluate e-resources awareness, attitude and usability by the academic staff members of University of Lagos and to find out problems encountered by the users in accessing the e-resources.
The King lauded efforts of administrative and academic staff to promote curricula standards, stressing Bahrain's resolve to continue backing the university.
The study revealed that there is no statistical correlation between occupational stress and age, years of work experience and level of education as well as the marital status of the female academic staff at universities in Khartoum state.
Coventry University is thriving, forward thinking and highly successful and the package that is being offered to academic staff will give them a chance to share in that success whatever their race or gender.
UCU said emails were contributing to a mounting workload for academic staff.
This involves 125 academic staff and 99 support staff with the largest number coming from the university's world famous schools of medicine and dentistry.

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