Accept plea deal or not

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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

I´ve been accused of assault. Walked into mother in laws home found druggie nephew sitting there in middle of drug deal w/drugs all over coffee table. My husband and 1 guy scuffled and I never touched anyone. I have a previous assault in 97, I pled no contest to. D.A. has pics of her face with a scratch on it and a swollen area on her jaw. This is where her boyfriend slapped her in the face when they were leaving. He wanted her to back up in the car while he had my usbands arm rolled up in the window. She didn´t want to so he back handed herin the face. (questions are not for my husband) Nephew also stated no one hit anyone as well as my husband. There are 2 of them and they are saying someone else was there as well who was NOT there. (as a witness)What can I do? I´m 38 w/f in retail management and they are trying to offer me 18 mo probation, agr mgmt, and aprx 2,000 in fines!! This is crazy. I did NOT do this!


You can certainly refuse it--it may be quite clear it was not you if it goes to trial; it will help to have counsel if you want to fight it...
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