internet service provider

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internet service provider (ISP)

a person who provides the large computing systems and data storage required for other users to connect to the network of computers connected by a common protocol. In the law of the European Union an ISP provides information society services. To facilitate the function of those like ISPS special defences have been given to them to protect them from the claims for damages or prosecutions which could otherwise paralyse their business or divert others from entering. See e.g. CACHING, CONDUIT or HOSTING.
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Is it compatible with Union law, in particular with the necessary balance between the parties' fundamental rights, to require an [internet] access provider to take specific measures to make it more difficult for its customers to access a website containing material that is made available unlawfully if those measures require not inconsiderable costs and can easily be circumvented without any special technical knowledge?
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has presented a bill to Parliament stipulating fines and prison sentences for Internet service and access providers that do not block access to website content deemed illegal, a move which is likely to start a controversy, the Turkish media reported on Thursday.
Under a recurrent certification program ODO will launch in 2014, Gateway's Certified Access Trainers will receive refresher training each year; for Certified Access Providers, it's every two years.
The innovative DTH operator has worked continually to grow the Indian market through a joint commitment with conditional access provider Conax toprovide subscribers with the best services and secure content.
The service is offered through California's Row 44, a satellite broadband access provider and is scheduled to be fitted on all Southwest aircraft in the Boeing 737 fleet by the first quarter of 2010.
AIRANGEL, the Warrington-based internet access provider, has secured a pounds 500,000 bank funding package to support its growth plans.
That means cable companies and telecoms are fighting to be your access provider, since they think you'll eventually tire of paying separate (higher) bills for cable TV, telephone and Internet service.
LineaGen, a commercial access provider to the databases, will provide general oversight and administration of the project for the University.
According to lead counsel Jameel Jaffer, the group cannot even officially confirm that it has a client in the case, although the legible portions of the complaint appear to refer to an Internet access provider. Even the briefing schedule in the case was at one point deemed too sensitive to be posted, and it was temporarily pulled from the ACLU Web site.
THE Irish Broadband wireless internet access provider confirmed it was expanding its service in the greater Dublin area through an initiative with the Electricity Supply Board.
It employs about 7,000 people, and is the largest internet access provider in the UK and France.
In Japan, large-scale Interact access provider Interact Initiative Japan rolled out its "IPv6 Gateway" service in March, targeting ISPs, ASPs, contents providers, household-appliance makers, the medical industry, automakers and hardware and software developers.