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2) Accessibility Results Reporting: The report setting out the findings and documentation supporting the results of the Contractor s accessibility testing must include relevant screenshots and reference pertinent sections of the MassIT Accessibility Standards.
Rathbone continued, "Now with HiSoftware's accessibility testing and repair solutions, sites with minimal accessibility issues can be fixed by the content owner, even if not a developer by trade.
Importance of accessibility testing, reasons for considering accessibility issues while designing and international Web accessibility laws.
For a limited time only, Watchfire is bundling AppScan with its website quality and accessibility testing tool WebQA(TM).
Cryptzone, a global provider of dynamic, identity-driven security and compliance solutions, today announced a partnership with the Norwegian Association of Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP) to provide automated accessibility testing for compliance.
Scalability-- Large companies and organizations need an accessibility testing tool that can handle multiple projects across geographically dispersed teams and produce consistent results.
Ed Hendley was presented an award for his contribution to the implementation of an XML development and authoring environment which supports the only on-line training delivery mechanism to pass SSA's stringent Section 508 and accessibility testing standards.
Finally, the study should also include information on the existing mobile accessibility testing guidelines of the public administrations in the different Member States.
Specifically, we offer Independent Accessibility Testing for Section 508, Section 255, and other Accessibility Acts and Legislation.
Contract Awarded for central budget management system redevelopment accessibility testing services

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