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edu/assistant, Includes a database of more than 400 accessibility guidelines that allows users to perform accessibility testing for various types of products.
Lift adds accessibility testing and design solutions to either Dreamweaver or Front Page.
The partnership enables Percussion to incorporate Web site content quality, privacy and accessibility testing into the Rhythmyx workflow.
The book also assesses two accessibility testing tools, Bobby and LIFT.
Because of their scalability, cost effectiveness, and usefulness in web site accessibility testing," said ACB President Christopher Gray, of San Francisco, Calif.
AccVerify SE is ready to run out of the box but provides unsurpassed customization and scalability options for advanced accessibility testing," said John Lutts, HiSoftware's director of engineering, "The solutions have been designed to work together seamlessly to provide complete accessibility testing and enable FrontPage developers to achieve the highest level of Web site accessibility and usability.
WinScreamer is an automated Accessibility Testing Tool for Microsoft Windows Based Applications with these features:
Another thing we offer in the Webcenter is accessibility testing.

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