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Mas alla de esto, las referencias al pensamiento de Galileo son una constante en algunos importantisimos escritos de este ano, como De minimo et maximo (A, VI, 3, 97-101) y Accessio ad arithmeticam infinitorum (Leibniz a J.
Mr Lester is currently also a Non-Executive Director of Toro Energy Ltd, Castlemaine Goldfields Ltd, Accessio Resources Pty Ltd and Nord Gold NV.
10, [section] 1 do Estatuto da Cidade consagra a possibilidade de se ter a soma de posses, tanto pela accessio como pela successio possessionis, bastando que ambas sejam continuas e cumpram os demais requisitos do usucapiao coletivo (39).
See generally Arnold, supra note 121 (distinguishing among specificatio, accessio, and confusio).
Let us start with alluvion, move on to occupatio and accessio, and then turn to avulsion, which is only addressed in Justinian, who found (correctly) that Gaius was incomplete on this point.
124 si tenues causae, tum etiam argumentandi tenue filum, et in docendo et in repellendo, idque ita tenebitur ut quanta ad rem tanta ad orationem fiat accessio.
Le tribunal de premiere instance pose la problematique puis repond a l'argument voulant que l'acquisition des supports emporte, par accessio, l'autorisation d'importer les oeuvres qui y sont reproduites :
1), para referirse a la accessio possessionis (Ulpiano, D.
Aurum iam accessio est>> (<<Be bemos en una multitud de piedras preciosas [.
The implementation of the Amsterdam Treaty, structural and agricultural policy re forms outlined in Agenda 2000, the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on climat e change and the adoption of EU environmental standards by East European accessio n candidates, will ensure that environmental policy remains centre-stage in Europ e.
Leibniz first responds in detail to Galileo's identification of infinity with the number one in the Accessio ad Arithmeticam Infinitorum of 1673.