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Mr Lester is currently also a Non-Executive Director of Toro Energy Ltd, Castlemaine Goldfields Ltd, Accessio Resources Pty Ltd and Nord Gold NV.
Le tribunal de premiere instance pose la problematique puis repond a l'argument voulant que l'acquisition des supports emporte, par accessio, l'autorisation d'importer les oeuvres qui y sont reproduites :
What is the position, though, if a physical reproduction of the work by accessio becomes part of a principal thing so that the thing thus made is not a reproduction, publication or adaptation of the work but a different thing altogether and what if such a physical reproduction of the work together with other physical things by specificatio becomes a new thing or article?
Leibniz first responds in detail to Galileo's identification of infinity with the number one in the Accessio ad Arithmeticam Infinitorum of 1673.
There is also an elementary presentation of this material without explicit reference to the Accessio in C.