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25) Research to date agrees that the accessus system of the School of Chartres also served as a model for Gundissalinus.
Vic Mattison, CEO of AccessUS and Habanero Consulting owns the Cast Iron Building on 2nd street.
Another important aspect of the introductory treatises that ought to be taken into account is their origin in the Accessus ad auctores and in the exegetical commentary tradition.
33) Seguendo i modelli offerti da Servio e da Averroe, anche il commento ai Triumphi viene opportunamente preceduto da un accessus introduttivo, suddiviso in quattro parti ("la prima qual sia el suggetto et materia del libro; la seconda la utilita de esso; la terza el nome dei libro et l'autore; la quarta et ultima la sua divisione"), cui non manca un'apposita sezione dedicata alle "Opere composte per Misser Francescho Petrarcha.
AP) -- While admitting that the long-distance learning program AccessUS hasn't been the instant success many thought it would be, several members of the Kansas Board of Regents are optimistic it will eventually show dividends.
A rubric describes Herod: "uisa prophetia, furore accessus, proiciat librum" (having seen the prophecy, in an access of rage, let him fling down the book [87]).
36) Here he employs literary techniques developed in the accessus ad auctores and glosses to school texts.
In Latin, additionally, there are five prose prayers, four verse prayers, a devotional accessus, a colophon, and a moral poem.
These tend to follow the pattern laid down by the accessus ad auctorem tradition of the schools: they are meant primarily to serve as companions to the study of the author's works, and as such contain only the briefest of sketches, where the life is presented in accordance with abstract criteria.
Albertazzi affirms at the outset that for his historiographical efforts "la cosa piu utile e un accessus veloce" to both the texts and the outlook that informs them (7).