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ACRE, measures. A quantity of land containing in length forty perches, and four in breadth, or one hundred and sixty square perches, of whatever shape may be the land. Serg. Land Laws of Penn., 185. See Cro. Eliz. 476, 665; 6 Co. 67; Poph. 55; Co. Litt. 5, b, and note 22.

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Of places which the Greeks renamed, but of which the Greek name was, at the Arab conquest, replaced by the older Semitic form are such cities as: 'Akka (St Jean d'Acre) called in Judges Accho, which the Greeks named Ptolemais; ...
We know of no research in an urban ACCHO that examines association between (physical or ideological) dislocation from country and health problems, including for problematic alcohol use, suggesting the need for such research and whether changing practice may lead to improved health.
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