Accidental Death Benefit

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Accidental Death Benefit

A provision of a life insurance policy stating that if the insured—the person whose life has been insured—dies in an accident, the beneficiary of the policy—the person to whom its proceeds are payable—will receive twice the face value of the policy.

The insurance company that is liable for the payment of such a benefit will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of death of the insured person before paying the claim.

Another name for an accidental death benefit is a double indemnity clause.

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Accidental Death Benefit - pays in case of death resulting from accidental injuries.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Knights of Columbus will begin paying an accidental death benefit to the families of members of the Catholic fraternal order who are killed while in military service in Afghanistan and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Accidental Death Benefit - provides for an additional death benefit amount in the event of accidental death.
This policy also has a $200 accidental death benefit.
Optional riders available with AIG Select-a-Term include an Accidental Death Benefit, Waiver of Premium, Child Rider and Disability Income Rider.
Other impressive benefits that may be added to enhance coverage include an Accelerated Death Benefit**, Disability Income Rider**, Waiver of Monthly Deduction Benefit**, Accidental Death Benefit Rider**, Children's Level Term Insurance Rider**, Additional Life Coverage Rider**.
Other features include an accelerated death benefit, conversion to a Minnesota Life whole life plan, an optional $20,000 coverage rider for children and an optional $100,000 accidental death benefit for the policyholder.
Other optional riders offered with TrueTerm consist of: Accidental Death Benefit, Accelerated Death Benefit-Terminal Illness, Additional Insured, Child Protection and Waiver of Premium(2).
It also provides supplemental products, such as guaranteed insurability, waiver of premium, accidental death benefit, and dependent children insurance, all of which can be attached to its life insurance products.
LifeAsset I offers nursing home and terminal illness waivers of premium, plus an accidental death benefit rider at no additional charge.
Previous product enhancements have included expanded issue ages, a free 50% accidental death benefit rider, as well as the accident only disability rider introduced in 2004.