Accidental Death Benefit

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Accidental Death Benefit

A provision of a life insurance policy stating that if the insured—the person whose life has been insured—dies in an accident, the beneficiary of the policy—the person to whom its proceeds are payable—will receive twice the face value of the policy.

The insurance company that is liable for the payment of such a benefit will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of death of the insured person before paying the claim.

Another name for an accidental death benefit is a double indemnity clause.

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He submits that other than the aforesaid payment, which was made under the Group Life Insurance Policy, no additional accidental death benefit was liable to be paid to the respondents.
Is an accidental death benefit payable under a health insurance policy includable in the insured's gross estate?
Benefits include: A $500,00 accidental death benefit; up to $250,000 in excess medical coverage; up to $50,000 benefit for mental health counseling; disability income coverage; plus an additional death benefit for the donor's travel companion.
This includes medical, dental, life, disability and accidental death benefit programs along with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Defined Contribution Plans
"When Mr E's prize-winning parrot died," the publication reports, "Mr E put in a claim to the [insurance] firm for accidental death benefit of pounds 1,200.
The Accidental Death Benefit scheme, costing pounds 2.95-a-month, pays out a lump sum of up to pounds 50,000 in the event of death.TWO Insight Investment funds have received top ratings from independent industry experts.
Just days before she was murdered, Natalie was turned down for the policy, but Williams thought she was still covered under a pounds 500,000 accidental death benefit.
Prior to this offering, the accidental death benefit (or for being killed by an estranged spouse) was $50,000.
The accidental death benefit does not cover any loss which results from suicide or attempt at suicide, or an intentionally self-inflicted injury, nor does it include disease, infirmity, infection (except for pyogenic infections occurring through and at the time of a cut or wound due to accident or assault), or medical or surgical treatment thereof.
Accidental death benefit (ADB), or double indemnity, is frequently added, although for younger employees, the cost of ADB is as much as the base group term life rate.