Accidental Death Benefit

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Accidental Death Benefit

A provision of a life insurance policy stating that if the insured—the person whose life has been insured—dies in an accident, the beneficiary of the policy—the person to whom its proceeds are payable—will receive twice the face value of the policy.

The insurance company that is liable for the payment of such a benefit will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of death of the insured person before paying the claim.

Another name for an accidental death benefit is a double indemnity clause.

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500,000 to the petitioners on account of accidental death benefits.
He through the bar demanded of the provincial bar council members to initiate early payment of the privileges and accidental death benefits for the family members of late Dost Mohammad Khan.
He pleaded guilty to fraud, by claiming more than pounds 500,000 in accidental death benefits in the name of his wife.
You may opt for accidental death benefits in addition to life coverage.
Additionally, premiums for a specific benefit type, such as accidental death benefits, could be cut for a defined period, in recognition that people have reduced their driving and fatal accidents have dropped significantly.
Firefighters often have been awarded accidental death benefits due to illnesses that can be linked to their jobs - cancer, for example.
2033 and 2039 guidance New York City and State accidental death benefits was published in Rev.