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The conceit of ignoring the possibility of nonnotated accidentals may seem brazen or even foolhardy at times, but it presents a point of view that has always been present in our field though rarely discussed clearly.
Beautiful use" of accidentals is thus outside systematic norms; Brothers uses the expressions "idiosyncratic inflections" and "discursive accidentals" to describe "the optional use of inflections according to no theoretically quantifiable purpose" (p.
Brothers's viewpoint regarding Machaut's accidentals has an important precursor in the work of Bettie Jean Harden ("Sharps, Flats, and Scribes: Musica Ficta in the Machaut Manuscripts" [Ph.
Berger combed through music theory texts for details about pitch, solmization, and counterpoint that might shed light on the problem of nonnotated accidentals.
83), and the astute editorial policy of showing in square brackets any editorial accidentals in the organ realization that derive from editorial accidentals in the upper parts is sometimes breached (e.
His work combines the best features of previous editions, while surpassing them in many ways, particularly in the scrupulous treatment of accidentals, the extensive critical apparatus, and the inclusion of so much valuable ancillary material.
Careful treatment of accidentals is one of the edition's hallmarks.
The organ score follows a policy regarding accidentals different from the vocal and instrumental parts, adhering to modern conventions (accidentals apply to an entire bar and editorial accidentals are shown in square brackets).
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