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We both said it was a matter to be proud of; but this clumsy defence that Evgenie mentions, this strange argument CAN, of course, only be an accidental case --one in a thousand
All he knew was that the two men got very drunk and argued eloquently and at length as to whether the exploded nigger should be reported as a case of dysentery or as an accidental drowning.
Notwithstanding this accidental introduction to one of the nicest distinctions of good society, and the general exhilaration that prevailed in our party, I was far from being perfectly happy.
Careful treatment of accidentals is one of the edition's hallmarks.
The organ score follows a policy regarding accidentals different from the vocal and instrumental parts, adhering to modern conventions (accidentals apply to an entire bar and editorial accidentals are shown in square brackets).
Berger combed through music theory texts for details about pitch, solmization, and counterpoint that might shed light on the problem of nonnotated accidentals.