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n. 1) a favor done without compensation (pay or consideration), such as a signature guaranteeing payment of a debt, sometimes called an accommodation indorsement. Such accommodation is not the smartest business practice, since the holder of the note can go after the accommodator rather than the debtor and will do so if the accommodator has lots of money or is easier to locate than the debtor. 2) giving in to an adversary on a point to make a deal work. (See: guarantor)

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ACCOMMODATION, contracts. An amicable agreement or composition between two contending parties. It differs from accord and satisfaction, which may take place without any difference having existed between the parties.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Accommodation Association's membership is made up of around 1000 properties, including hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, motels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, backpacker establishments, caravan parks and time share properties in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia.
'One [deputy inspector general of police]-ranked officer has been saying that he will vacate police accommodation as soon as he comes to Rawalpindi but he has not turned up for several weeks,' the official said.
Denying an accommodation request because the employee did not provide a solution.
He said that Rule 6 (7) says that Federal Secretaries (BPS-22) and officers in BPS-22 will be given priority of allotment of accommodation in case they are not in occupation of Government accommodation elsewhere.
"Ordering accommodation or transport via these alternative platforms is often dozens of euros cheaper than via ordinary services," said Lenka Buchlaacutekovaacute, analyst with Slovenskaacute sporite#318#328a, as quoted in a press release.
* About two thirds of any convergence output is accommodative (a response to blur via the accommodative convergence/accommodation (AC/ A) relationship), with 'relative' vergences and accommodation compensating for mild imbalances or abnormalities
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 20 (ANI): India's leading travel distribution solutions provider for hotels and accommodations AxisRooms is working with Airbnb to provide a level-playing field to travel accommodations other than commercial Hotels and Resorts.
As many as 6,807 federal government employees have applied for allotment of government accommodation since June, 2013, the official said.
A similar plan is in the pipeline for the old warden's accommodation at Stan Williams Court in Glebe Road; to transform it into two separate flats.
When deciding whether an employer has failed to engage in the interactive process, the Eighth Circuit should look to whether the employee clearly requested a need for an accommodation, rather than examining the totality of knowledge the employer had on hand.

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