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n. 1) a favor done without compensation (pay or consideration), such as a signature guaranteeing payment of a debt, sometimes called an accommodation indorsement. Such accommodation is not the smartest business practice, since the holder of the note can go after the accommodator rather than the debtor and will do so if the accommodator has lots of money or is easier to locate than the debtor. 2) giving in to an adversary on a point to make a deal work. (See: guarantor)

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ACCOMMODATION, contracts. An amicable agreement or composition between two contending parties. It differs from accord and satisfaction, which may take place without any difference having existed between the parties.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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These costs included the reconfiguration of manufacturing facilities to accomodate JITM physically; materials and supplies used in JITM; training of employees in JITM; and use of consultants in implementing JITM.
Through creative zoning and tax strategies, most cities could accomodate huge population increases and still improve the quality of residents' lives "without bulldozing another square meter of forest or farmland for the next two decades," Lowe contends.
The new facility will be able to accomodate about 300 students.
Since different methodologies can be used--although the temporal and current-rate methods are the most popular--it is essential that the software can accomodate FASB statement compliance in all its forms.
An official source told reporter here on Tuesday that the NMU administration had provided doctors including PGRs and HOs with 48 rooms at the old hostels temporarily, but there must be more hostels to accomodate them on regular basis.