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ACCOMODATION, com. law. That which is done by one merchant or other person for the convenience of some other, by accepting or endorsing his paper, or by lending him his notes or bills.
     2. In general the parties who have drawn, endorsed or accepted bills or other commercial paper for the accommodation, of others, are, while in the hands of a holder who received them before they became due, other than the person for whom the accomodation was given, responsible as if they had received full value. Chit. Bills, 90; 91. See 4 Cranch, 141; 1 Ham. 413; 7 John. 361; 15 John. 355, 17 John. 176; 9 Wend. 170; 2 Whart. 344; 5 Wend. 566; 8 Wend. 437; 2 Hill, S. C. 362; 10 Conn. 308; 6 Munfd. 381.

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Tender notice number : Additional Accomodation 2018
PTDC Managing Director Abdul Ghafoor said that the corporation wants to expand accomodation in existing motels.
With net legal migration running at over 300,000 a year that means that we have to increase our total accomodation by that number before any additional British born subjects can be housed.
We have 15 rooms in current use in Attleborough as emergency accomodation and they are almost permanently full.
20% drop in children living in temporary accomodation
flights with RoyalBrunei departing Heathrow on Dec 24, accomodation at three-star Mercure Hotel, and five day ticket for match starting on Boxing Day.
Arabtec did not confirm the number but it is believed to be about 1,000 based on reports from workers at labour accomodation in the capital.
Some travel agents told KUNA in separated interviews that accomodation in Dubai, Kuwaitis' most popular destination, for example, increased by 50-75 percent during Eid period, compared to other previous periods this year with the exception of summer and Eid Al-Fitr holidays.
The tourist zone of Sousse numbers 104 hotels with an accomodation capacity of 40 360 beds.
It was like the accomodation to the sloping floor You lamented to begin with but came to kind of adore: The notion of making do, being able to, Girl Scoutian; the minor triumph Of you; your liberation, the body being the beginning, the shifting things Around: that Life is Biology for which no remedy Exists: the turns & twistings of the flesh that used to be Your secret joy, into the finishings: the questions of focusing On the biases, fat with brimming & very calm.
Jameel Ahmed, 74, was attacked by five men wielding metal bars and bats early last Monday in their accomodation in capital Islamabad.
After being formally endorsed as the party's president at the Indore National Executive later this month, Gadkari will be entitled to official accomodation in Lutyen's Delhi.