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A highly energetic and bright accompaniment figure enables the vocalist to happily expound on the protagonist's love for his sweetheart.
Typical of Owens's compositions, the initial accompaniment figure is maintained through the first half of the song, providing a weighty, solemn environment for the vocal line.
The canzone is an attractive surprise, because while it is a song-like Andantino, it does not have a simple "slow movement" quality: at the beginning, the accompaniment figures are staccato eighths and sixteenths.
Among many thoughtful peripheral points, Gilbert's connections between ostinato accompaniment figures in the little-known "Dancing in the Streets" from Pardon My English (1933) and the opening of Porgy and Bess (1935), and the changing meters and "Petroushka chord" ("two major triads a tritone apart," pp.
The left hand does not have to extend its position beyond an octave in accompaniment figures.