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The restoration of peaceful or amicable relations between two individuals who were previously in conflict with one another.

Reconciliation ordinarily implies forgiveness for injuries on either or both sides. The term is often applied to the parties to a Divorce who cease proceedings for the dissolution of their marriage upon a resolution of their differences. Reconciliation is used interchangeably with conciliation.


noun accord, adjustment, amnesty, appeasement, arbitration, conciliation, concord, concordance, forgiveness, harmony, improved relations, mediation, mollification, mutual forgiveness, pacification, peace, peacemaking, propitiation, reconcilement, restoration of harmony, reunion, settlement, understanding, union
Associated concepts: reconciliation of contradictory clauses
See also: accordance, adjustment, arrangement, compact, compatibility, compromise, concession, conciliation, expiation, intercession, mediation, mollification, pact, peace, rapprochement, settlement, understanding

RECONCILIATION, contracts. The act of bringing persons to agree together, who before, had had some difference.
     2. A renewal of cohabitation between husband and wife is proof of reconciliation, and such reconciliation destroys the effect of a deed of separation. 4 Eccl. R. 238.

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After the controller examines all of the above controls and determines none would have found the error, there is yet one more control that might have done the job--balance sheet account reconciliation.
We believe that adopting our proposal would benefit the government and taxpayers alike by substantially reducing the detailed, time-consuming account reconciliations that currently take place.
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