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Most of the countries discussed in this book accept electronic accounting records to satisfy retention requirements subject to certain conditions, the most common being that the electronic records accurately preserve all content, that the records remain readable throughout their retention periods, and that printed copies can be created when requested by government officials.
This residual value can be as high as 30 percent of the original purchase price, and it will continue as long as the asset remains active within the fixed-asset accounting records.
However, if you are switching from one accounting package to another or between online providers you must still have the ability to access your accounting records for six years to comply with current HMRC legislation.
Or if you decide to sell your business you will also need accurate accounting record.
For a very small company, the absolute minimum accounting records would be:
Management's focus was on the review of the company's accounting records and working diligently to keep the company's stock from being delisted from the Nasdaq,'' William J.
Auditors will examine accounting records for specific types of property, and request evidence indicating the property was abandoned by its owner(s).
Due diligence is conducted by potential buyers up to a month before auction day where qualified bidders can inspect property up for sale, conduct soil or subsurface tests, examine accounting records and conduct other necessary examinations.
R]) A/R for QuickBooks([R])application, allowing corporate customers to deposit checks electronically to their bank while automatically updating their accounting records.
Eric Reid has been disqualified from acting as a director for 8 years for failing to keep adequate accounting records.
The companies manufacturing these products are required to maintain such cost accounting records, including all particulars relating to utilization of material, labour or other inputs of items of cost as would be necessary.

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