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Most commonly, the gross proceeds of a business transaction less the costs of the transaction; i.e., net proceeds. Excess of revenues over expenses for a transaction; sometimes used synonymously with net income for the period. Gain realized from business or investment over and above expenditures.

Accession of good, valuable results, useful consequences, avail, or gain. The benefit, advantage, or pecuniary gain accruing to the owner or occupant of land from its actual use; as in the familiar phrase rents, issues and profits, or in the expression mesne profits.


noun accruance, accumulation, acquisition, advantage, augmentation, avails, benefaction, benefit, clearance, compensation, dividend, earnings, emolument, financial reward, fructus, fruits, gain, growth, harvest, improvement, incentive, income, increase, interest, meed, output, pay, payment, prize, proceeds, produce, quaestus, realization, remuneration, return, revenue, reward, service, take, utility, value received, windfall, winnings, yield
Associated concepts: accumulated profits, anticipated proffts, capital, carrying on business for profit, distributable profits, excessive profits, excess profits tax, gross profit, loss of profits, margin of profit, net profit, not for profit, peeuniary profits, profit a prendre, profit sharing, prospective profit, remote profits, secret profits, speculative profits, surrlus profits, underwriting profits, undistributed profits
Foreign phrases: Ubi periculum, ibi et lucrum collocatur.He who risks a thing, should receive the profits arising from it.


verb acquire, advance, assist, avail, be better for, be improved by, be of use, benefit, cash in on, clear, confer a benefit on, contribute, draw profit from, edify, gain, gain advantage, harvest, help, improve, learn a lesson from, make capital out of, make good use of, make immrovement, make money by, make use of, obtain a return, produce a good effect, produce a good result, put to use, realize, reap, reap the fruits, turn to account, use, utilize, yield returns
See also: advantage, attain, avail, bear, behalf, benefit, betterment, boom, capitalize, collect, commission, dividend, earn, earnings, edification, fee, gain, inure, output, pay, perquisite, proceeds, prosperity, realization, realize, reap, revenue, succeed, utility, worth, yield
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To study accounting profit in most of the researches done in accounting, it is categorized as cash and accrual, and the effect of each on the qualitative characteristics of profit, stock return, and .
The required rate of return at each stage of the production process explains the effect of transfer pricing inflating accounting profits and hiding economic profits.
The latest losses came as no surprise to Barnett, who admits it will take some time before the company makes sufficient inroads in its outstanding pounds 125m debt to turn an accounting profit.
If profits decline significantly, there may still be an accounting profit, but the accounting profit may not be sufficient to motivate the entrepreneur.
Many things affect accounting profits but not economic values, and vice versa: Accounting profit measures focus on the past, are transactions-oriented, highly dependent on the choice of measurement method, conservatively biased, Ignore some economic values and value changes that accountants feel cannot be measured accurately and objectively, ignore the cost of equity capital and ignore risk and changes in risk.
Net accounting profit in the second quarter totaled NIS 56 million compared to NIS 76 million in the same quarter last year.
Financial data is readily available, as well as congruent, with the accounting profit objective inherent in the use of CVP analysis.
Above these thresholds, accounting profit royalties are fixed at 20%.
Researchers used two metrics to evaluate companies: Economic Value Added, a value-based performance tool used to compute the true economic profit of a firm, as opposed to its accounting profit (such as net income): and Market Value Added, which measures the market value that a firm has created.
expenses (28 000 * 250 jours) Profit << Cash flow >> << WIP Change >> Profit after << WIP >> Amortization Accounting Profit SIMULATION Family C Family D TOTAL Sales (units) 1 750 000 200 000 % Utilization A-B-C-D 5 400 000 5 400 000 68.
PCAOB isn't perfect and, in fact, perpetuates the current accounting education model's focus on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and accounting profit rather than economic realities tied to return on assets and cash flow.
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