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To encourage or incite another to commit a crime. This word is usually applied to aiding in the commission of a crime. To abet another to commit a murder is to command, procure, counsel, encourage, induce, or assist. To facilitate the commission of a crime, promote its accomplishment, or help in advancing or bringing it about.

In relation to charge of aiding and abetting, term includes knowledge of the perpetrator's wrongful purpose, and encouragement, promotion or counsel of another in the commission of the criminal offense.

A French word, abeter—to bait or excite an animal.

For example, the manager of a jewelry store fails to turn on the store's silent alarm on the night she knows her cousin plans to rob the store. Her conduct is that of abetting the Robbery. If, however, she merely forgot to turn on the alarm, she would not have abetted the crime.

The word abet is most commonly used as part of the comprehensive phrase aid and abet.


v. to help someone commit a crime, including helping them escape from police or plan the crime. (See: aid and abet)


verb adiuvare, advance, advocate, afford aid, aid, arouse, assist, back, contribute, cooperate with, embolden, encourage, endorse, facilitate, foment, foster, furnish aid, goad, help, incite, instigate, nourish, nurture, prompt, serve, spur, stimulate, succor, supply aid, support, urge
Associated concepts: accessory, accomplice, aid and abet, facilitation
See also: aid, assist, bear, conduce, conspire, contribute, countenance, enable, espouse, foment, foster, help, maintain, organize, promote, subsidize, support, sustain



TO ABET, crim. law. To encourage or set another on to commit a crime. This word is always taken in a bad sense. To abet another to commit a murder, is to command, procure, or counsel him to commit it. Old Nat. Brev 21; Col Litt. 475.

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