Accredited Law School

Accredited Law School

A law school that has been approved by the state and the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), the American Bar Association (ABA), or both.

In certain states—for example, California—it is acceptable for a law school to be accredited by the state and not by either the AALS or the ABA. In most states, however, only graduates of AALS or ABA accredited law schools are permitted to take the state bar examination.


Legal Education.

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Later, I even celebrated that I was accepted into and graduated from a highly accredited law school. The more things I found to celebrate as victories, the stronger my self-esteem grew.
The nine members of the commission shall be made up of a dean of a duly accredited law school; a law enforcement officer; an attorney from the Public Attorney's Office; a senator; a House member; a member of the judiciary; a law professor; a professor in the field of forensic science; and a private lawyer specializing in criminal law.
* Business-related subjects include business administration, computer science/information systems, business communications, economics, business law, finance, financial management, business management, marketing, business-related law courses offered by an accredited law school, mathematics and statistics.
Our goal is to get animal law taught in every accredited law school. There are over 150 student chapters and over a dozen bars that have animal law committees.
To help ensure adequate professional knowledge, the legal profession has required graduation from an accredited law school, passage of the bar exam, and continuing legal education.
Upon acceptance to an accredited law school, participants are reimbursed for a specified number of credits within a 6-year period.
To apply for a scholarship, students must be in good standing at an accredited law school as a 3rd year law student as of Fall 2005.
almost all states require graduation from an accredited law school. (40)
Now, all but a handful of states require graduation from an accredited law school.(16) Similarly, in 1952, the United States Commissioner of Education began offering government-subsidized loans only to students at ABA-approved schools.
Today, there are lawyers' chapters in some 60 cities, and student chapters on 140 out of 182 accredited law school campuses.

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