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I own an eBay business and purchase a lot of things from garage sales and good will. Much of which I try to buy new in package. Bought something recently at Goodwill and listed on eBay. EBay took it off and said it was copyrighted. I did not sell any. Received a letter from an attorney saying I am now being sued for listing them. I am under the impression that they believed I duplicated them myself. Which I did not. I did not sell any and will not re-list them but I am being sued. What rights do I have since I did not produce these cod's?


You can explain what happened and where you bought them--you should then be fine--
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Beijing, Mar.16 (ANI): Baidu, China's search engine giant, has been accused of copyright violation by Chinese writers, who claim the website offered free online excerpts of their work without authorized permission.