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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

My fiancé and I went to store to rent videos. We go into this store once or twice a week. This night like usual we looked around for about twenty to thirty minutes and finally picked a couple of movies, as we were heading to the check out we noticed 3 cops come in and make a big fuss. We checked out and walked outside, one cop was outside and told my fiancé that the manager called the police saying that it looked like my fiancé had a gun on him. In front of the entrance to the store they searched him and found nothing. This not only brought embarrassment to us but we were less than 3 blocks away from where my fiancé attended medical school and less than 5 miles from where he is doing his residency. Not only do we consider this profiling by the store because of my fiancé's race but it also could affect his job at the hospital seeing how that is the main movie store for the medical school area. What can we do??


You may certainly file a complaint with the mangement of the store--if someone thought they saw something however it is hard to take too much further action.
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