Accused of inappropriate touching

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In 1995 I coached a summer soccer team that traveled to Europe. An 18 year old player (a HS senior), who shared a double bed with me (I was 37) with 2 others in the next bed (we were in Europe and didn't have proper reservations and short money so we had to squeeze in, a choice I wish I would have thought more of then) said I tried to touch him while he was sleeping, he jumped up screaming, etc although nobody else heard. He stayed in very, very close to me and in contact with me over the years until last year. He played for me in college for 3 years and used me for job references. Then he stopped talking to me. He sent me an e-mail saying he has been going to therapy since 9/11 and this came up. He said he is ashamed and sick over what "happened" and he can never face anyone from those days because of it. Then he said with everything in the papers and on the news everyday it makes him think. Can he cause me any problems with his allegations if he tries to pursue some kind of law suit of persecution/prosecution of me or attack my character? What would be my response? Am I at any risk?


You normally would want to deny it. Given the time that has passed and his subsequent lack of any action, his case would be very weak and most DAs would not take it.
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