Accused of sexual abuse

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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

My girlfriends daughter has accused me of sexually abusing her. I was charged and put in prison. My trial is coming up next week. This girl has since changed her story and said nothing happened. I was told that it will do no good for her to get on the stand and say nothing happened because her testimony can be impeached and her original statement can be used. My public defender wants her to not show up for the trial. She is willing to do this. My question is will the charges be dropped? Can the trial be continued and if so for how long?


They normally would be dropped if nobody appears to give any evidence...but the court may also delay it to see if she will appear later...
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The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has released the heavily redacted personnel files of 126 clergymen who have been accused of sexual abuse.
He told me he'd been accused of sexual abuse but said it was his ex-wife's way of getting him out the house.
Since the Catholic abuse scandal erupted at the beginning of this year, Shanley has emerged as perhaps the most notorious of the priests accused of sexual abuse.
The police drama veteran has been accused of sexual abuse by 12-year-old Lee Dwyer.
Members of five families have now been found to have been falsely accused of sexual abuse by Dr Maura Woods, the former head of the Sexual Assault Treatment unit in the Rotunda hospital in Dublin.
Space does not allow me to develop either of these answers this week, but I attach below the email address of a helpline for any carer or teacher who has been falsely accused of sexual abuse.
TWO exclusive stories by the Sunday Mercury about Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse are to be presented to a top inquiry team.
If the client has been accused of sexual abuse, advise that certain inappropriate acts--such as kissing the child on the lips or allowing the child access to the bathroom while the client is bathing--may be perceived by former spouses, untrained professionals, or government agencies as sexual abuse.
Fr William Izquierdo was accused of sexual abuse of a minor while serving as novice master, a position he held from 1982 to 1994.
Before being kicked out of the conference, he told reporters that he believed Catholic bishops were wrong to move priests who had been accused of sexual abuse around various parishes, prompting the (http://www.
In a civil suit filed last fall, and still pending an outcome, Father McNeely was accused of sexual abuse dating back to 1976.
US officials want Co Sligo-born Fr Patrick Colleary to face trial in Arizona, where he is accused of sexual abuse on a boy, then 10, in 1978.