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ACHAT. This French word signifies a purchase. It is used in some of our law books, as well as achetor, a purchaser, which in some ancient statutes means purveyor. Stat. 36 Edw. III.

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The Achates power opposed-piston (OP) engine is engineered to achieve superior thermal efficiency by virtue of its lower heat losses, improved combustion and reduced pumping losses.
This joint development agreement will help Achates Power to respond to a growing list of customers, as well as continue research and development work.
With investment from OGCI CI, as part of a broader consortium alongside engine makers, Achates Power aims to accelerate its engine technology deployment worldwide.
21) "If he could but play backgammon," Sewall said, "I declare I would chuse him, in preference to all the men in the world, my fidus Achates, in my projected asylum.
Magazine, a Michigan business publication, has recognised San Diego-based Achates Power Incorporated as Michigan Economic Bright Spot for 2017.
Act 2 scene 1 of the play opens with Aeneas, Achates and Ascanius approaching the walls of Carthage after their tramp through the Libyan desert.
They have arrived on the coast of Africa, where the queen Dido is building a new city Some few of the Trojan aristocracy call upon her as she supervises the labors, while Aeneas and his close friend Achates are shrouded in a mist by Aeneas's mother, the goddess Venus.
1) Few and far between were the examples of vera amicitia, in antiquity, not to mention in the Renaissance, as Giraldi points out: Orestes and Pylades, Achilles and Patroclus, Aeneas and Achates, Nisus and Euryalus, Damon and Phitias, Tito and Gisippo, Cloridano and Medoro, and the list goes on with illustrious textual examples of male friendship.
They include Achates Power of San Diego and Pinnacle Engines in San Carlos, both in California.
Achates, though mine eyes say this is stone, Yet thinks my mind that this is Priamus; And when my grieved heart sighs and says no, Then would it leap out to give Priam life.