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Reports agree that Er:YAG laser conditioning is a method potentially adequate for orthodontic bonding [23-27], but inferior to that obtained after conventional acid etching [24, 29], as shown in this study.
Thus, shortening the acid etching time of dentin has been considered in order to improve the immediate bond strength and, subsequently, the longevity of adhesive interfaces produced in primary teeth.
(66,67) These latent forms are released from the dentine by dissolution of inorganic components as a result of pH reduction during the acid etching processes with the use of both phosphoric acid and application of self-etching adhesives.
Acid etching of the grit blasted implant surface increases the surface roughness by creating a nanotopography that allows bone ingrowth [26].
Due to the demineralization caused by acid etching, greater care for the affected dentine is necessary, as this tissue already presents some mineral loss.
Because we are a complete packaging company, all of our components can be customized through such services as acid etching, ceramic decorating, metalizing and hot stamping.
SCD offers in-house decoration, including spraying, screening, hot stamping, acid etching, pad-printing and gluing.
(15) Techniques able to produce microrough surfaces, such as sandblasting, acid etching and electrochemical anodization, continue to be used by the implant industry to manufacture dental implant surfaces.
Rinsing the tooth after acid etching can be unpleasant and become a source of both contamination and disruptive behaviour, particularly in young children [Feigal et al., 2000].
ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, has announced that Committee D33 on Protective Clothing and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities has approved a revision to standard D 4260, Practice for Liquid and Gelled Acid Etching of Concrete.
"Acid etching, in which colour is removed from the glass, and staining are old techniques which have been developed and exploited in recent years."
But silicon in those applications may not require acid etching at all, says Martin S.