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It's a classic musical year for me, for reasons other than acid house - it was the year of Big Daddy Kane, EPMD and Eric B and Rakim.
After carving out a career as a DJ inspired by the acid house explosion of the late 1980s, Carter soon became disillusioned with the way the genre was going early in the next decade, stifled by increasing commercialisation of house music.
In 1992, they released the groundbreaking Follow Like Wolves single which fused dub and acid house styles.
Several pieces are particularly colourful and imaginative, such as a large painting called Acid House by Thomas Moffett from Stoke Heath young offenders' institute.
Plans of Smoke And Mirrors starts with a dripping water effect synth that reminds me of Depeche's Dreaming of Me, but Craig adds modern fuzzed-up bass and a snake-like Acid House swirl to send you into orbit.
The outdoor version of an acid house party, now know as a "rave", led to three arrests, when police were alerted.
Weatherall's history goes back far to the beginning of the British acid house scene, having swung gigs for himself at Danny Rampling's legendary Shoom night.
Paranoid" is acid house with a modern minimal techno twist.
A Guy Called Gerald - whose real name is Gerald Simpson - was at the forefront of acid house and dance music during the Madchester era
He is famous for Acid Brass, where a brass band played acid house anthems in a "potent form of resistance to Margaret Thatcher's government".
Rock 'n' roll, psychedelia, punk, hip-hop and acid house were all reviled when they first reared their ugly heads, but all catalysed positive change in society.