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The Hacienda was well known for its house nights and became increasingly popular for its acid house culture.
Friday night will see Acid House legend Terry Farley headline the dance area while Colorama bring their effortless take on sixties psychedelia to the main stage.
After the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle, Porridge launched Psychic TV, an '80s ensemble whose output ranged from white noise odysseys to early forays into acid house.
Two hours long, it spans some sixteen years: from the Sex Pistols' Manchester debut, in 1976, to the temporary closure of the Hacienda--Factory's architecturally (and ideologically) extravagant nightclub--due to increased drug use and gang violence at the tail end of the Acid House craze in 1991.
In week two there's Enemy of the State (15), followed in week three by Star Trek: Insurrection (PG), The Acid House (18) and Practical Magic (12).
Best of the three is The Acid House itself in which Coco Bryce (Ewen Bremner) takes a bad trip during an electrical storm - with unexpected consequences for new parents (Martin Clunes and Jemma Redgrave).
If you're new to new Scottish writing, however, you might do well to read this alongside one of Welsh's novels, or his stories in Acid House or perhaps one of Kelman's many books.
distribution rights to Paul McGuigan's ("The Acid House," "Morality Play") "Gangster No.
The album's rallying cry Bless This Acid House channels Pizzorno's punk, rather than rave, influences.
A year later brought the now infamous second "summer of love" to the UK, and the acid house scene was born.
Seminal acid house outfit 808 State are celebrating 25 years of their classic Pacific State - with a party at Glasgow's O2 ABC on Saturday.
They will spin the best of house, nu-disco, electro and acid house grooves from today and times gone by.