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But then acid house and ecstasy came along and overnight, everybody was everybody's best friend.
The 303 is, of course, the beating, pulsing, squealing heart of Acid House, alongside the drum machines, the 808 and 909.
"I wanted to put my stamp on acid house, so the album was a tip of the hat to that lineagebut with my stamp on it.
"I remember the front page of The Sun, bearing the words 'Evil Mr Acid House.'.
The gang was led by Tony Colston-Haytor, who threw the notorious Acid House raves in the Home Counties which sparked controversy in 1989.
CON ART: Acid House and (far left) Alien by Thomas Moffett, a prisoner in HMP Stoke Heath.
They want to see this grow." Paula describes a three day family affair of blissed out Sunshine Pop, Funk and Soul, Psychedelic Folk and Acid House Disco parties, workshops, Poetry, lovely food and local ales.
Encouraged by that success, Primal Scream handed over the demos for their next album to Weatherall and Nicholson, and the resulting album, Screamadelica, instantly shifted UK pop music to the club, incorporating elements from German motorik, acid house, '60s psych and Jamaican dub into one obscenely great good time.
The South African acid house DJ and producer heads his own record label Zombie Soundsystem and is a London resident for the Circo Loco clubbing brand.
She filed the lawsuit in October after Google scanned one of her books, 'Acid House', into its library.
The writer took the action after Google scanned her most recent book, Acid House. She is suing for GBP6,000 in damages and a public apology.
On the other hand, Venus as a Boy shares with Welsh's Trainspotting (or The Acid House, Glue, Porno, Ecstasy, or any of his later attempts at recapturing or escaping the brilliance of his generation-defining debut), a commitment to the warts and all representation of fragmented and broken beings existing on the ever-so-stylish social margins.