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Similar to PCR, this method allows the detection of minute levels of known nucleic acid sequences.
When the researchers mixed clusters of eight left-handed serines with other amino acids, the clusters bound only to other left-handed amino acids.
Table 107: Indian Historic Review for Acetic Acid by End-Use
Researchers don't know what makes stearic acid unusual, but do have a clue that might explain why these four saturated fatty acids appear to be safer than others.
The decay-producing acid made by plaque bacteria has a pH of approximately 3.
When manufacturers asked the FDA for permission to add a non-GRAS nutrient--the amino acid taurine-to formula, the FDA took three years to act, even though human milk contains taurine.
It became apparent after surveying the literature and consulting with colleagues that in order to understand the carcinogenic potential of the alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, studies would have to be designed to determine the effects of these acids on ultraviolet (UV) light-induced skin cancer in mice," says Howard.
Table 73: Canadian 15-Year Perspective for Feed Acidifiers by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Formic Acid, Lactic Acid, Fumaric Acid, Propionic Acid and Other Acids Markets for Years 2006, 2014 & 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-31 3.
ANSWER: The omega-3 fatty acid that Kellogg may begin adding to its products is DHA (docosa-hexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that is usually found in fatty fish.
To create an organism capable of making proteins from amino acids beyond the basic set of 20, a team of researchers led by Peter Schultz at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.
The first few chapters are devoted to recent developments in the biotechnology of Y-Linolenic acid (GLA).