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2 million, or 19%, as an increase in block-hour volumes (24,251 versus 19,812) was partially offset by a reduction in average ACMI revenue per block hour ($5,966 versus $6,131).
A new multi-year ACMI service agreement between Panalpina and Atlas Air, under which Atlas Air operates two 747-400 freighter aircraft for Panalpina, was announced on September 15, 2010, at the 20th anniversary party of Panalpina's "Dixie Jet" freighter service connecting Huntsville, Ala.
To date, 18 leading air forces from four continents, amongst them many NATO countries, have chosen the EHUD(R) ACMI solution.
As a result, block hours and associated block-hour revenues generated by aircraft supporting Polar and GSS have been included in ACMI operations since each of the respective dates, rather than in the previously reported Scheduled Service segment in the case of Polar and in Dry Leasing in the case of GSS.
The carrier will operate a total of four 747-8Fs and six 747-400Fs in ACMI service on behalf of DHL at that time.
The new contract between the companies follows a letter of intent announced on April 1, 2013, and complements an existing Boeing 747-400F ACMI arrangement between Atlas and Etihad.
Summary: DUBAI - Maximus Air, an Abu Dhabi Aviation Group company, is optimistic about the prospects of gaining further business partnerships outside the Middle East after signing an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) deal with DHL.
a leading worldwide provider of ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) outsourced aircraft announced today it has signed a multiple year B747 ACMI agreement with Centurion Air Cargo, a Miami-based all-cargo carrier that provides premier scheduled service to destinations throughout the U.
Italian all-cargo carrier Cargoitalia on Friday announced it has established a new division to cater for its ACMI and charter business.
Southern Air has built a strong reputation as a leading ACMI operator, and I look forward to working closely with Dan and the entire management team as we continue to provide reliable, flexible air cargo solutions to our customers around the world.
Strategic Airlines, an Australian scheduled, charter and ACMI operator, said it received an AOC from the French DGAC last week.
Council members include executives from CBLPath, IntegraMed, ATMI and ACMI.