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The strategy worked beautifully to create atmosphere--and provided Alig with a group of devoted acolytes.
End of the Century,'' superbly assembled by Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields, charts the history of the band with interviews from all the principals, along with acolytes like Debbie Harry and the late, great Joe Strummer.
It does not belong to Alastair Campbell or any of his acolytes.
If Nouveau Realisme has long been considered in the US as the only force that had effectively, though ephemerally, opposed JEP in postwar France until Daniel Buren and his acolytes seized the torch in the late '6os, a clearer grasp of the historical situation is now emerging.
Cage in his heyday always maintained a wonderfully urbane sense of human irony, but his hard-nosed acolytes, hell-bent in the pit, stooped over their simmering electronic devices, are simply pompous and absurd.
Great artists, like great poets, always stand on their own two feet with a few acolytes and friends to admire them.
He is also allowing acolytes to punt him as the next leader of the Labour Party, rather than Gordon Brown.
You must understand that the good burghers around here have such an abiding hatred for Al Davis and his barbarian hordes that such an unspeakable invasion is, metaphorically, roughly tantamount to Osama Bin Laden bringing his Al Qaeda acolytes to Camp Pendleton to train for their next mission.
After 30 years having his every move - avant garde or otherwise - picked over by eager young acolytes, John Cale seems to be at last getting comfortable with his status as the Greatest Living Welshman.
Just like in 1991, supreme political cartographer Michael Berman and his acolytes in the Legislature produced a set of redistricting plans that achieve one primary purpose, the protection of political incumbency - communities of interest and the Voting Rights Act be damned.
This is a practice commonly associated with the great authoritarian states he and his acolytes revere.
Mingus' relations with various wives, mistresses, female patrons and acolytes is another area in which the artist's behavior was often selndulgent and sometimes ugly.