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Sample rates used for recording were well above the frequency range where most of the acoustic energy in black drum calls is concentrated (<300 Hz) and therefore aliasing (i.
In the analysis of the acoustic energy radiated by air guns we calculate a sound exposure as the integration of a squared pressure over time.
For this, it is necessary to apply either a high gas velocity compared to the velocity necessary for fluidizing primary particles, or a lower velocity but with addition of external energy like vibration, magnetic pulsation and acoustic energy to disintegrate the cohesive structure and to facilitate the fluidization of the agglomerates.
Noise levels showed a distinct diel pattern, with nearly twice the acoustic energy at night as during the day.
In the case of subsea, welded-in valves, some acoustic energy escapes through the piping and also to the water, reducing the signal levels that reach the acoustic leak sensors.
Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency acoustic energy that is transmitted into a casting.
Subjects include sample preparation for experimentation, thermal treatments and phase stability, magnetic and structural characterization, alloys suitable for applications at the micro scale, resistance and magnetocaloric effects, with papers covering physical phenomena in magnetic shape memory science, main patterns in NiMnGa films, ferromagnetic materials in silicon wafers, transformations in NiMnGa alloys, acoustic energy absorption, shape memory alloys in polymer composites, hybridization effects, and properties of Heusler alloys.
Active sonobuoys transmit acoustic energy pulses and sense the echo returns from potential targets.
We flood the stream with sound pulses of acoustic energy, while at the same time transmitting optical energy.
Prize package 1 (Music): Toshiba 37ins LCD TV' Elonex Media Centre PC' Teac DR-L700 Hi-Fi system' "His & Hers" 60Gb iPod with accessories' Home mix TT 500M' DJ Turntable mixing kit, Top 100 CDs, Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi internet radio and speakers.
Now, laboratory studies by Tony Collings, Paul Gwan and Andrea Sosa Pintos, at CSIRO Industrial Physics, have led to a better way to cleanse contaminated soils-using acoustic energy.