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The tympanogram of sensorineural deafness also showed "A" type curve, the stapedius muscle acoustic reflex threshold could also be increased or not induced, but some patients with SHL might have loudness recruitment.
According to the facial palsy protocol, tympanogram and acoustic reflex were determined as audio-logic work-up to assess the level of facial nerve lesion on at least two occasions at 3-week interval or at the most on four occasions at 12-week interval.
According to the results of impedance audiometry, it was found that there is no significant relation in rate of abnormal acoustic reflex between cauliflower and non-cauliflower ears.
Additionally, acoustic reflex thresholds were noted for 11 patients (29.
The procedures included tympanometry and bilateral measurement of the ipsilateral acoustic reflex at 95 dB SPL in the 500-4,000 Hz frequency range.
Just as our eyes will squint in bright light, the acoustic reflex of the middle ear attenuates intense low frequency sounds but this reflex is ineffective at high frequencies, so we are still vulnerable to high frequency hearing loss in the presence of broadband noise.
The Earscan is affordable and comes with additional functionality of audiometry and acoustic reflex testing.
Beginning at 7 months of age, tympanograms and acoustic reflex measurements were obtained at each visit.