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The effect of heparin, caffeine and calcium ionophore A23187 on in vitro induction of the acrosome reaction in frozen-thawed bovine and caprine spermatozoa.
It is concluded that capacitation and the acrosome reaction are induced within 3 h in mTBM with caffeine and heparin.
Capacitation-associated changes in protein tyrosine phosphorylation, hyperactivation and acrosome reaction in hamster spermatozoa.
Chlortetracycline is the classical stain used to detect the sperm acrosome reaction and capacitation.
ROS generation and antioxidant systems in the testis: Sufficient evidence suggests that low levels of endogenous ROS is required for the regulation of vital sperm functions, such as capacitation, acrosome reaction, and sperm-oocyte fusion (87, 88).
Acrosin accelerates the dispersal of sperm acrosomal proteins during acrosome reaction.
The role of egg jelly has not yet been fully demonstrated, whereas in sea urchins egg jelly is thought to be involved in sperm acrosome reaction induction.
Lead chloride affects sperm motility and acrosome reaction in mice: lead affects mice sperm motility and acrosome reaction.
The acrosome reaction must be completed for sperm to subsequently penetrate into the zona pellucida.
Aminopeptidase-like protease released from oocytes affects oocyte surfaces and suppresses the acrosome reaction in establishment of polyspermy block in oocytes of the mussel Mytilus edulis.
In equine species, the co-culture with OEC-improves the capacitation of spermatozoa and in porcine the OECs conditioned medium can efficiently increase the in vitro acrosome reaction (AR) of frozen-thawed bovine spermatozoa (40, 51).
Acrosome reaction dysfunction has been proposed as one of the causes of fertilization failure.