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Separation of human spermatozoa with hyaluronic acid induces, and Percoll inhibits, the acrosome reaction. Int.
As the intracellular ATP level increases there is a decline in abnormal acrosome reaction and sperm motility thereby improves (Breininger et al., 2005).
This event is distinct from that in sea urchins and starfishes, where the jelly coat and its constituent compounds trigger an acrosome reaction (Epel, 1978; Hoshi et al., 1994).
Spermatozoa obtained from different regions of the reproductive tract of the rooster demonstrate in vitro an acrosome reaction capacity without requiring a precondition of sperm capacitation, which may be related to its fertilizing capacity.
A glycolytic product is obligatory for initiation of the sperm acrosome reaction and whiplash motility required for fertilization in the mouse.
Regarding the induction of acrosome reaction, based on gelatinolysis test, more than 80% of pretreated sperm with ionomycin were acrosome reacted.
The CatSper calcium channel in human sperm: Relation with motility and involvement in progesterone-induced acrosome reaction. Hum Reprod.
O, "Effect of leptin on motility, capacitation and acrosome reaction of human spermatozoa," International Journal of Andrology, vol.
Moreover, they play the necessary role in sperm capacitation, acrosome reaction, and fertilization [18-21].