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In vitro capacitation and acrosome reaction: A variation in response of frozen-thawed spermatozoa to in vitro capacitation and acrosome reaction was also observed irrespective of treatment among the six bulls.
Sperm motion characteristics, acrosome reaction rates, the intensity of tyrosine phosphorylation on the western blot, oxidative injury rates, and DNA fragmentation rates were subjected to the Wilcoxon signed-rank test to evaluate the differences among the four groups (HTS, HTP, QFS, and QFP) or the difference between two groups (HTS and GSH).
Besides motility, two processes that are fundamental to the occurrence of fertilization is capacitation and acrosome reaction.
The fucose sulfate polymer of egg jelly binds to sperm REJ and is the inducer of the sea urchin sperm acrosome reaction.
Among their topics are the development and maturation of human germ cells and disorders of those processes in childhood, capacitation and acrosome reaction, the clinical management of men with macrocephalic sperm head syndrome, sperm-induced oocyte activation, concern and possible seminal quality decline in the world's male population, suggestions from the fruit fly on whether the heterochromatic component of the human Y chromosome is a genetic wasteland or something more, heavy metal contamination and male reproductive health, and spermatozoa in zero-gravity.
The slides were observed under a light microscope (Olympus BX60) at approximately 1000 x and assessed for the number of sperm that had undergone acrosome reaction.
Many key biochemical reactions in sperm depend on intracellular pH levels, including its initial activation, hyperactivation once near the fallopian tubes and the acrosome reaction, in which enzymes are released to penetrate the egg.
Further analysis showed an increase in the percent of normal forms of sperm and an increase in the acrosome reaction of over 100% was observed in the CoQ10 group, compared with a 1% increase in the placebo group.