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By using the ActionScript SDK to integrate AgeCheq's compliance service, AIR developers can easily add COPPA compliance elements to their games.
The process is still pretty gentle, but this is the point at which a knowledge of ActionScript becomes more important.
The OpenPlug Studio supports ActionScript which lets us leverage our expertise in Adobe Flex.
Details tools that can be used to visualize data-native graphics for the Web, such as ActionScript, Flash libraries, PHP, and JavaScript and tools to design graphics for print, such as R and Illustrator
Meant to be read in order, the chapters progress from the Flash interface and ActionScript basics through questionnaire tools, recording reaction time, saving data, and putting the program online.
0, a new Visual Studio-based IDE that significantly accelerates Flash development with its new intelligent coding facilities and high performance ActionScript 3 compiler.
AirLicense is a software development kit (SDK), that includes an ActionScript source code file and other components that a developer can drop into an Air development project to interface with the QuickLicense protection and licensing system.
The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash offers a fine introduction to 3D content for Adobe Flash, using the open source Away3D engine for ActionScript 3.
This book begins with a concise review of Flex 3 and ActionScript, then introduces every significant Flex component, with chapters following the progression of building an application.
The new release features: Scaleform Video, powered by CRI Movie from CRI Middleware, a premium module that enables game designers to add high performance video playback capabilities to their Flash assets; Scaleform CLIK ('Common Lightweight Interface Kit'), which helps accelerate the design and development of UIs on multiple platforms including PCs, consoles and mobile devices; Scaleform AMP ('Analyzer for Memory and Performance'), designed to offer insight into memory usage and other important performance metrics; Garbage Collection, which enables more efficient programming by detecting and removing circular references in ActionScript code; and Audio Playback for sounds embedded in Flash SWF and Scaleform GFX files, as well as multichannel audio from Scaleform Video playback.
MachBlue runs Flash(R)-formatted files with a series of custom ActionScript functions on iTV, set-top boxes (STBs), Web tablets and mobile devices.
Develop elementary applications without coding; then realize the power of ActionScript 3 to add rich complexity to your applications.