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Abu Dhabi is also expected to be an active hub for corporate banking.
A central core ready to be the vibrant and active hub for all ages, built on a human scale.
Net Advantage, which is headquartered in Dubai Internet City, serves as an active hub between advertising agencies and a select list of diversified web portals in the Arab World and around the world.
He said: "It was a very active hub of the local area and the Greater Eston area.
The product is SAN-ready and fabric-aware, leveraging cable-less dual FC-AL for transfer rates up to 200MB/sec (on the dual loop), but nStor's special value add, aside from the miniscule footprint per GB, is the hot-swappable loop resiliency circuit cards that handle FC retiming and clock recovery on both transmit and receive signals [ldots] all this while serving as an active hub for cabinet daisy-chaining.
Hive Camera will be showcased alongside two other connected devices, Hive Leak Sensor and Hive Active Hub, which will be available later this year.
Active hub Guinean health ministry sources say that after he left Forecariah, an "active hub" of the disease, he passed through several unaffected districts on his way to the border.