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5 (Personal Edition), which includes a 30,000 word active vocabulary, has a suggested retail price of $295.
The Nuance system provides the highest performance speech recognition capabilities available -- it can recognize the largest active vocabulary for telephone-based services, combined with a language understanding capability that enables recognition of continuous, natural speech with meaning comprehension.
ENLARGED ACTIVE VOCABULARY -- The enlarged active vocabulary comes with more than 62,000 words that are ready to use.
Windows 98-ready -- The first speech recognition product designed ready for the next versionwed up by a choice of user scripts for enrollmendustry's Largest Active Vocabulary -- 128,000 aical and ViaVoice Legal in U.
It is speaker independent, supports continuous speech and a large active vocabulary and performs well in noisy environments.
Users may select an active vocabulary size of 30,000 words, 45,000 words, or 55,000 words.
A 7,000-word active vocabulary allows users to add new words and commands, a big plus when a customized vocabulary for a specific job or industry is required.
Large Customizable Vocabulary -- Users may select an active vocabulary size of 30,000 words, 45,000 words, or 55,000 words to increase accuracy and performance when adding many new words to the vocabulary, or when using specialized legal vocabularies.
Customers can access 20,000 words in an active vocabulary and can even customize the vocabulary to accept additional, more personalized words.
Customizable 30,000 Word Active Vocabulary - Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with an active vocabulary fully loaded with 30,000 commonly used words and names covering a wide range of topic areas.