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Bornas, a Geology graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman, has done work on almost all active volcanos in the country.
Must visit: The 10,890ft Mt Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano
But for those inclined towards adventure, it's the nearest they can be to an active volcano in the sub- continent.
Watching the Kraffts paddling about in a rubber boat in a volcanic crater lake of sulfuric acid, descending into an active volcano, or dashing into a lava flow to retrieve samples leaves viewers wondering just what type of daredevil would undertake such risks in the name of science.
Environmentalists and native Hawaiians say these 25,000 acres on the slopes of Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, are the last sizable lowland tropical rainforest in the U.
Mayon is still hoisted over the region as the active volcano continued to spew lava and ash columns over various towns in Albay province.
Mauna Kea, the taller of the two and dormant, stands 4,207 meters (12,802 feet) high, while Mauna Loa, an active volcano which is perhaps the world's largest, is 4,169 meters.
Authorities raised the alert status of Mount Sinabung -- a highly active volcano on Indonesia's westernmost island -- late Tuesday after a "sharp rise" in activity, said national disaster management agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.
Summary: Europe's highest active volcano Mount Etna has begun to erupt again, spewing blood-red molten lava and grey and white ash into the air.
More than 47,000 residents living around the 8-kilometer danger zone around the country's most active volcano have spent the Christmas holidays away from their homes after the volcano showed signs of increasing activity.
In the sport, participants race at speeds of up to 50mph down the side of an active volcano.