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8 To develop activity analysis and activity costing, including staffing, over the next two years.
To promote control activity analysis, Certainty allows users to export activity information into user-friendly Excel spreadsheets for "slicing and dicing," or to drill directly into the details provided by Certainty.
The Material, Process, and Product Analysis is one of the easiest methods for activity analysis to adapt for home use.
Under the partnership the companies will integrate Documentum's 4i content management system with Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3 web authoring platform, LikeMinds real-time personalisation engine and ARIA site activity analysis system.
Note: This ancillary activity analysis by the Court conflicts with some of the specified activities and wording in the multistate tax compact resolution.
The report provides news and PR activity analysis, comparing stock price movements with essential news and press releases.
Support will be required from the successful bidder in order to maintain the currency of the data held and to provide regular in-depth activity analysis and reports back to the authority and vessel.

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