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8 To develop activity analysis and activity costing, including staffing, over the next two years.
To promote control activity analysis, Certainty allows users to export activity information into user-friendly Excel spreadsheets for "slicing and dicing," or to drill directly into the details provided by Certainty.
Work domain analysis focuses on the physical and purposive environment of the system; activity analysis in work domain terms and decision-making terms (or control task analysis) focuses on what needs to be done in the work domain; strategies analysis focuses on strategies or processes for carrying out the activity; socio-organizational analysis focuses on the coordination of workers; and worker competencies analysis focuses on the capabilities required by workers to perform the work of the system.
The Material, Process, and Product Analysis is one of the easiest methods for activity analysis to adapt for home use.
Especially interesting are the diagrams of the business processes that require activity analysis and complementary narrative problems that require charting of the processes.
Under the partnership the companies will integrate Documentum's 4i content management system with Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3 web authoring platform, LikeMinds real-time personalisation engine and ARIA site activity analysis system.
0, the newest version of the industry's leading Web site management and activity analysis software.
Activity analysis, which determines what resources are involved in the activities that make up a business process.
0, soon to be released, has enhanced on-line help, an integrated text editor to modify reports, an expanded foods and nutrients database, and an expanded activity analysis based on a data set of 240 activities or exercises.

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