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Apparent activity coefficients for the monomer species, as a function of their concentration in solution, are computed from the van Laar coefficients: [A.
The activity coefficient of each solvent was calculated using a combination of Redlich-Kister equation with three parameters and the Gibbs-Duhem equation.
From the values of infinite dilution activity coefficient, the Flory Huggins interaction parameter ([[chi].
The expression for the activity coefficient for ionic solutes in the aqueous amine solvent is as follows:
It follows from presented data that carbon, silicon, aluminum and phosphorus increase activity coefficient of sulfur in ferronickel, while copper, chromium, manganese, sulfur and oxygen reduce it.
The extrapolation method of Harned and Ehlers, which expressed the activity coefficient in eq (1) by the Debye-Huckel limiting law, was used to obtain all of the potentials except those given in the last column.
Establishing the direct-potentiometric "normal" range for Na/K: residual liquid-junction potential and activity coefficient effects.
By obtaining the weight fraction activity coefficient, 1, the partial molar free energy, DG1 , and the average partial molar enthalpy, DH1 values can be calculated from following relations, respectively at infinite dilution [31-33].
Activity Coefficient and Coupling Effect Based on Flory--Huggins Thermodynamics