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Activity coefficient comparison and analysis of the industry
From these possible models), (the NRTL model is selected), (because the extension of NRTL model--the polymer NRTL model--includes the effect of polymer properties on the activity coefficients of the components.
The modified Clegg-Pitzer equations have been used to derive the activity coefficients of different species present in the equilibrated liquid phase (Li and Mather, 1994; Kundu et al.
The mean activity coefficients calculated by eq (1) from these smoothed values of E and the values of E[degrees] given in table 1 are summarized in table 3.
When an elastomer is in equilibrium with a nonideal solution, activity coefficients based upon the constituent volume fractions are introduced.
Part 7 Market investment 154 16 Comparison and Analysis of Investment Activity Coefficients and Investment Returns of the Airplane Manufacturing and Repairing Industry 154 16.
2 Analysis of enterprise marketing strategies a nd recommendations 199 Part 7 Market investment 202 16 Comparison and analysis of investment activity coefficients and investment returns of the aerospace manufacturing industry 202 16.