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All ecclesiology and all actual life of the church, comprising the church's preaching and administration of the sacraments, is based on that, whether understood in terms of actualism or essentialism.
I shall defend a form of actualism, as articulated in (A), as a necessary condition for art.
He expresses the latter under the twin themes of objectivity and actualism (a uniformity over time in processes and what it is to be human).
Returning to the debate between actualism and possibilism, it is clear that the actualist must reject this conclusion.
Like their intellectual confreres elsewhere, the turn-of-the-century Florentine avant-garde--represented here primarily by Giovanni Papini, Giuseppe Prezzolini, and Ardengo Soffici--argued that beauty and violence, thought and action, history and actualism, were not opposites but merely the sterile categories of a rationalism whose time was up.
And finally, in a provocative concluding chapter, "Henry James and the Treaty of Gardencourt," Weisbuch suggests that the American dispute with British literature was partially resolved as a result of James' freedom from the nationalist competitiveness of the mid-nineteenth century, his cosmopolitan respect for both American "newness" and British "oldness," his liking for both American actualism and British realism.
38) See Repetti ("Meditation"; "Paleo-compatibilism") for an explanation of actualism and how actualism is incompatible with determinism; see Repetti (Counterfactual) for a full explication of actualism and a proof of how it undermines the incompatibilist's main argument, the so called "consequence argument" to the effect that determinism rules out alternatives and thus also rules out alternatives-requiring metaphysical conceptions of autonomy that imply that agents can do otherwise than they do.
In 'Causal Structuralism, Dispositional Actualism, and Counterfactual Conditionals', Anthony Eagle argues that dispositional essentialists fail to show an essential link between dispositions and counterfactual conditionals expressing essential causal powers.