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Complete report on Actuator market divided into 13 major chapters that offer an overview of current market scenario as well as Actuator forecasts is now available at http://www.
Many customers have contacted us about the possibility of adding a strain gauge to the actuators as an add-on.
The P700 series actuators assure efficient performance of both the actuator and the Fisher C series internal valve to deliver full valve capacity.
A large proportion of the 300 actuators involved are the latest IQ3 units, the third generation of Rotork's pioneering non-intrusive intelligent electric actuator product range.
Figure 2 is the picture of the thermally processed IPMC actuators and Fig.
The research work is supported by the Project of the Structural Funds of the EU ,,Research and development of intelligent nonconventional actuators based on artificial muscles", ITMS code: 26220220103.
In order to streamline the process of getting the hydraulic unions back in the event the actuators fail an NDI, we removed them from the actuators before turning them in.
One end of each actuator is connected to the underside of the car and the other end of each pair of actuators is joined by a rotating pin through the bearing assembly.
HercuLine[TM] actuators are, ideal for tough applications' requiring high Teliability, low maintenance and network compatibility, without sacrificing performance or accuracy, The actuators also minimize maintenance costs and process downtime, due to their Slidewire Emulator Circuit and Non-Contact Position Sensor which improves positioning performance by eliminating maintenance tasks, drifts and breakdowns associated with slidewires.
Another example is instead of having a physical sensor on electromagnetic valve actuators, signals from the electromagnetic field generated could be used by software to "sense" the position of the valve without a physical sensor.
a manufacturer of linear motion actuators and control systems.
Linear actuators consist of guide tube, threaded internal spindle and follower nut.