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"Hanbay's development team has brought electric valve automation to an industry that in the past has largely relied on pneumatic, cable or nitrogen systems to do what our actuator can do automatically.
Voiths actuators are industry-leading, and offer a variety of advantages and benefits to the oil and gas industry, including:
Priya Sharma, research associate, Research and Consulting, 6Wresearch, said: "Valves & actuators acquired the highest market revenue share in the market on account of their high usage in the commercial and industrial sectors of the country."
As an example of one possible application, the researchers positioned several of these actuators opposite of one another and achieved a gripping effect upon electrical activation.
With onboard J1939 compatibility, actuators speak the same language as the ECU, allowing communication across a shared bus.
-43 dB re [micro]m across all tested actuators (Figure 4).
Bolt-on actuators allow the hot runner to be supplied to the mould maker as a preassembled and tested drop-in system, complete with hydraulic disconnects, so that no plumbing is necessary during installation.
These types of control technologies offer the molder with hydraulic or pneumatic actuators the same pin-control capabilities available with some electric actuators.
Designed for quarter-turn, multi-turn, and linear valve operation, Rotork CMA actuators perform numerous process control valve, choke valve, metering pump, and damper applications demanding precise position control and continuous modulation.
Bellow actuators (BA), produced by Festo, refer to one-way push-type pneumatic membranate elements (Fig.
The P700 series actuators assure efficient performance of both the actuator and the Fisher C series internal valve to deliver full valve capacity.