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With onboard J1939 compatibility, actuators speak the same language as the ECU, allowing communication across a shared bus.
Large manifolds will take hours to cool down, thus transferring heat into the actuators, which are no longer receiving the benefit of the cooling water.
The success of this solution has enabled the Louisiana customer to standardize on CMA actuators for future flow control applications.
Compared to the other types, the electric actuator market is likely to see a high growth rate between 2015 and 2020.
Pressure inside bellow actuator will increase according to pressure difference between input and output inlet solenoid valve.
Electric actuators are expected to replace hydraulic and pneumatic actuators used in medical industry due to its reliability and operational effectiveness.
Actuators are used in the mould narrow-face adjustment operation in continuous casting must perform efficiently, despite working in an extremely hot and harsh environment.
Ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) is one of the materials used for applications of actuators over recent years (1-3).
Tritex II DC powered line of actuators integrates power and control electronics with brushless servo motors and actuators in one compact package.
Piezoelectric actuators are widely used for high precision mechanical systems such as positioning devices, manipulating systems, control or flow control equipment and etc [1 - 3].
Technology: The seats are based on a modular design, incorporating motion control actuators in a shallow, floor-standing plinth that supports four seats.