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ACTUS. A foot way and horse way. Vide Way.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He will be based in Madison, Wisc., and manage Actus' sales activities across North, South and Central America.
Por ello es justo lo libre, que quiere decir b) querer este ser, mientras lo posee en el actus del existir imprepensable, por el cual puede ser tambien de nuevo aquel otro ser igual de poderoso que su Senor.
The First Instance Courts analysed the evidence presented by the prosecution and concluded that the first two defendants "public officials" were aware and agreed together to commit the actus reus and concluded contracts between them to help embezzle public funds.
Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, a company that develops protein- and cell-based therapies using a proprietary technology platform called Biological Nano Particles, has established Actus Therapeutics, a new portfolio company based on AskBio's gene therapy platform, it was reported on Friday.
The motion picture from the Lumen Actus team looks to be a treat for mystery thriller fans and especially film noir and neo-noir movie lovers.
"Actus reus" is the action or conduct which is a constituent element of a crime, as opposed to the mental state of the accused, both of which must be established to prove guilt.
Thus in his Commentary on I Sentences he speaks of three ways in which esse is said to signify: (1) the quiddity or nature of a thing; (2) the act of essence (actus essentiae) meaning thereby not its second act or operation but its first act; (3) the truth of composition in propositions (judgments) by serving as the copula.
In addition to supporting both 24/7and scheduled recordings, the new Actus capabilities provide support for ingesting media from other resources, including content from a field camera or clips downloaded directly to the desktop.
AVIX Technologies Inc (Pink Sheets:AVIX), which is seeking potential software technology acquisitions and joint venture opportunities, reported on Thursday that its proposed wholly owned subsidiary Actus Interactive Software LLC (ACTUS) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Digital Holdings Inc (DHI) for the deployment of 500 kiosks within 12 months.
Actus Digital, a provider of Web-based media monitoring and management solutions for broad-casters, government agencies and content producers, has announced that British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) has expanded its existing Actus View installation.