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Wives of men who were deployed showed rates of diagnosis that were 24% higher for depressive disorders, 21%-40% higher for sleep disorders, 25%-29% higher for anxiety disorders, and 23%-39% higher for acute stress reaction and adjustment disorders, compared with wives of nondeployed men.
The relationship between acute stress reactions, denial and treatment resistance is becoming clear.
No significant differences were found between the groups for categories of depressive psychosis, recurrent depressive psychosis, depression not otherwise classified, nonorganic psychoses, psychalgia, and acute stress reaction.
the pamphlet addresses in detail the symptoms associated with such incidents, including acute stress reaction and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Individuals faced with a crisis and those experiencing an acute stress reaction as a result of trauma exhibit similar clinical courses.
CHICAGO -- Israeli investigators have developed a visual analog scale to measure the intensity of acute stress reaction symptoms in the emergency department.

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