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Although the bisphosphonates are best known for their association with collapsing glomerulopathy (see above), a few case reports of toxic acute tubular necrosis due to pamidronate and zoledronate have been published recently, without the characteristic glomerular finding.
No agents have been shown to be of benefit in treating acute tubular necrosis and resulting renal failure--not even drugs that promote blood flow and / or urine output.
2) Vivax malaria can lead to renal dysfunction as a result of renal ischemia and acute tubular necrosis.
Ultimate differentiation between acute tubular necrosis (acute vasogenic nephropathy), acute or chronic rejection, or drug nephrotoxicity requires a biopsy.
Additionally, the use of perfusion systems may improve acute tubular necrosis rates with these allografts.
Prognostic value of tubular proteinuria and enzymuria in nonoliguric acute tubular necrosis.
A renal biospy specimen obtained 10 days after disease onset showed acute tubular necrosis with mild-grade arteriolosclerosis (Figure).
Renal ischemia resulting in acute tubular necrosis was considered responsible for the renal failure (16).
Low-grade acute tubular necrosis was seen in the kidneys.

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