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Ad Hoc

[Latin, For this; for this special purpose.] An attorney ad hoc or a guardian or curator ad hoc is one appointed for a special purpose, generally to represent the client, ward, or child in the particular action in which the appointment is made.

An Administrative Agency, a legislature, or other governmental bodies may establish ad hoc committees to study particular problems. For example, a city government may establish an ad hoc committee to investigate and discuss the placement of a new stadium in the city. Likewise, an administrative agency in some jurisdictions may engage in ad hoc rulemaking, whereby the agency establishes specific procedures to promulgate a rule without necessarily adhering to formal rulemaking requirements.

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ad hoc

adj. Latin shorthand meaning "for this purpose only." Thus, an ad hoc committee is formed for a specific purpose, usually appointed to solve a particular problem. An ad hoc attorney is one hired to handle one problem only often is a specialist in a particular area or considered especially able to argue a key point.

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ad hoc

‘for this purpose’ (‘only’ sometimes implied).
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Ad-hoc relief of 10 percent will be added to basic pays of the previous year and also to overall salaries, so the accumulates increase will be 20 percent.
Similarly, the ad-hoc relief allowance would not be applicable to the salaries of the federal ministers, he said.
There are also QoS related studies [26] on ad-hoc networks.
Despite the efforts of the Ad-hoc Committee and its negotiations, it still is expected that the debate over the proposed rule will not end with the technical arguments, and the publishing of a final rule.
This problem becomes magnified when you consider the rate at which these ad-hoc data sources are appearing, an outgrowth of the data explosion.
CGB's ad-hoc downsizing/restructuring subcommittee, headed by David Beckley, vice president and controller of Alliant Techsystems, is leading the charge on this issue.
While Hon Gbajabiamila chairs the Ad-hoc Committee on Selection, he appointed Hon.
The PCB appointed RDCA ad-hoc has announced to conduct Rawalpindi Inter-Club Championship 2019 some two months back and tall claims were made that this tournament would be the best till date.
The PMDC President along with the ad-hoc council members welcomed the chief justice and gave him a presentation regarding the functioning and progress of the Council up till now, said a press release.
PARACHINAR -- Ad-hoc lecturers of FATA announced to boycott from the classes till 5th October in protest for release of their salaries.
Key words: Mobile Ad-hoc network, Wormhole Attack, Routing Attack, Routing Protocol
Bulgarian MPs have backed the establishment of an ad-hoc committee tasked with investigating the facts and figures on the alleged misuse of Flight Crew 28, as well as military aircraft and helicopters, during the term in office of the center-right GERB government.