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Charley verified the adage about little pitchers, I am sure, for she heard of more sayings and doings in a day than would have come to my ears in a month.
ADAGES, those short, pithy sentences that encapsulate an entire philosophy, home truth, or worldview, can be exceptionally enlightening.
SALMON fishing is full of old adages, many of which hold good, but as everyone knows, there is always the exception to the rule.
Erasmus began publishing adages in 1500 in a volume of 818 proverbs with comments of a few lines each; published in Paris, it was titled Adagia Collectanea.
As William Barker pointed out in the introduction to his book of selections (The Adages of Erasmus [Toronto, Buffalo, London 2001]), the publication of the Adages was recognized as a major event in its own day.
Could we please get our adages right before we use them to make a point?
The book's many adages, while thought provoking, would have been more accessible and possibly had more impact if they'd been made briefer and crisper.
AS many adages give us ordinary housewives some comfort in speculating their truths, I'd like to quote one adage that now appeals to me, and that is, ``variety is the spice of life'', as it appertains to housework.
Old adages often hold more wisdom than we realize and "an apple a day.
In keeping with the oral tradition of our ancestors, Steven Barboza has compiled over 100 fictional and true stories, poems, songs and adages in The African American Book of Values: Classic Moral Stories.
Adages III iv 1 to IV ii 100 (CWE 35) is the fifth of seven volumes to be published in a critical English translation based largely on the work of Sir Roger Mynors before his untimely death in 1989.