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Chondrolaryngoplasty is performed in patients who want to decrease the masculine appearance of Adam's apple. It is most often performed in transgender women as part of facial feminisation surgery but may be requested by other patients as well.
"I recognised his walk, he's got a bit of a swagger and stands quite tall, and his has one of the biggest Adam's apples I know from people in the village."
My dad's metronomic Adam's apple didn't stop, but I had some success in paying attention to the miracle on the altar despite the distraction.
still must speak, pronounce the sentence, while his Adam's apple
Richard Dickinson knew nothing about the tumour in his throat until 10-year-old granddaughter Francesca shook what she thought was his Adam's apple.
He had a very thin nose, long scrawny neck and a prominent Adam's apple.
Mrs Growcutt told him to remove the food but he pointed to his Adam's apple and taking a deep breath, started to become distressed.
The thyroid is located in the neck around the Adam's apple and its primary function is to control the metabolism.
Adam's apple So protuberant it's conducting a flirtation With
When you do eventually manage to remove all your growth, you're inevitably left with red marks around your Adam's apple from all the ripping and plucking.
(And when I say buttoned-up, I mean that literally--every shirt he owns gets fastened all the way up to his Adam's apple.) Then one of the gays gets brutally murdered--while walking their adorable little dog, natch--and the widower feels compelled to take the law into his own hands.
Girls who use the drugs can expect a list of primary side effects--developing a deep voice, shrinking breasts, abnormal menstrual periods, enlarged Adam's apple. Extended use may lead to severe depression, listlessness, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, liver problems, premature heart disease, blood-clotting problems and high cholesterol levels.