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The name Adam's Apple came to owner Kathy Martin after praying one day.
Another man was hit in his Adam's apple with a rubber bullet and had to undergo an emergency tracheotomy.
Additionally, stress often causes a dry mouth, resulting in repeated clearing of the throat, cracking of the voice, or jumping of the Adam's apple (laryngeal cartilages).
Watching this, I wanted to -- needed to -- throw up, if only to relieve the suffocating tension beneath my Adam's apple.
Adam's apple The protuberance in the forepart of the throat, the anterior extremity of the thyroid cartilage of the larynx; so called from the legend that a piece of the forbidden fruit stuck in Adam's throat.
The National Enquirer in January had reported that Bruce had undergone surgery to reduce the appearance of his Adam's Apple which is apparently the first step towards the sex transformation, reported (http://www.
Then trim your neckline with a small guard starting at your Adam's apple.
The 49-year-old used a craft knife to cut his neck from his ear down to his Adam's apple after losing his temper with the Government's hated new financial penalties.
Alan He spotted victim Carl Dillon sitting in the living room and slashed him across the throat - damaging two jugular veins, his Adam's apple and voicebox.
She added: "There'll also be some gorgeous pickles and chutneys by So Jammy from Ingleby Barwick, and some Hot Goth Chilli Sauce by Adam's Apple from Nature's World.
By the way, any soldier seen wearing his chin strap over his Adam's apple would be on a "fizzer" in double quick time.
I tipped my head forward and it rolled off on to my neck and started burning my Adam's apple.