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Sufficient; equal to what is required; suitable to the case or occasion.

A law that requires Public Utilities to provide adequate service does not create a right for customers to sue the electric company whenever the meat in their freezers spoils because of a power outage in the absence of Negligence. Service does not have to be perfect in order to meet a standard of adequacy.


adjective able, acceptable, ample, aptus, capable, commensurate, effectual, enough, equal to the need, fair, fit, fully sufficient, idoneus, proportionate, reasonable, reasonably sufficient, satisfactory, satisfying, serving, sufficient, sufficient for the purpose, sufficing, suitable, valid
Associated concepts: adequate administrative review, adeeuate care, adequate cause, adequate consideration, adeeuate notice, adequate remedy at law, adequate support, fair and adequate consideration
See also: ample, capable, commensurate, competent, efficient, fair, fit, functional, habitable, mediocre, operative, prima facie, proficient, qualified, sciential, suitable, unobjectionable